We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore

At least that’s what one large manufacturer is suggesting. When a Court in West Virginia ordered the car manufacturer to pay approximately $8,500 in damages and interest to a customer and nearly $145,000 in fees and costs to the customer’s attorney, the car company was outraged by the attorney’s fees. And taking it to the press. They’re going public with their crusade against trial lawyers and getting attention from other large companies. Of note: the car manufacturer asserts that it routinely defends class action lawsuits, instead of quietly settling them, as companies tend to do. This effort to minimize paying up on class actions without merit appears to be fruitful, with the manufacturer facing about half as many class action suits as it has in previous years.

The car manufacturer is currently appealing the West Virginia (W.V. is number 3 on the Judicial Hellhole list published by American Tort Reform Association) Court’s decision. You can read more about the case on Law.com’s website.