Security Threats: Predictions for 2008

It’s that time of year when prediction lists for 2008 start appearing. Here’s a summary of a few security-related predictions that caught our eye.

CNet News Blog reports on a prediction made by a VP at Sun Microsystems. The Sun representative predicts that there will be a massive data center failure within a year. The failure is predicted to create just as much havoc as the first computer worm in 1988.

NetworkWorld highlights the top 5 security threats for 2008 from Symantec. These include the development of more sophisticated bots, the hacking of trusted websites and social networks, more attacks on mobile phones, criminal attacks in virtual worlds, and phishing campaigns targeted to presidential candidate websites.

IT Week covers McAfee’s worst security threats for 2008. McAfee and Symantec seem to agree on some of the key threats for 08, as bots and social networks make both lists. Other threats on the McAfee list include increased attacks on instant messaging, online gaming and VoIP. McAfee also predicts that phishing attackers will move away from the big financial institutions’ transactional websites and instead target smaller e-commerce sites. On a more positive note, McAfee expects the decline in adware to continue.

Interested in testing your own security threat savvy? Go to NetworkWorld’s website to find out about the Anti-Phishing Phil game developed by Carnegie Mellon University.