Security Threat Predictions for 2012

It’s that time of year again when predictions are made for top security threats for the upcoming year.  CNet offers up 5 key threats including malicious Android apps, utility hacking, hacktivism, e-voting security issues and increasing privacy exposures due to over-sharing of personal info via social networks.  As noted by Network World, Gartner also includes hacking as an increasing exposure in its IT predictions for 2012.  Specifically, it suggests hackers will generate new attack methods that along with new software vulnerabilities could generate a 10 percent growth in the financial impact of cybercrimes each year until 2016.  According to ZDNet, the 2012 threat predictions from McAfee also include mention of hacking and mobile phones.  Further, McAfee suggests other devices may be targeted such as GPS tracking and medical devices.  While spam may not have appeared at the top of the prediction lists for the last couple of years, McAfee does mention the possibility of spam increasing in 2012.  To review previous predictions, use the links below.

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