Security Threat Predictions for 2010

As the new year begins, it’s typically time for lists, including lists of top security threats.  BitDefender suggests netbooks, mobile operating systems and social networks are among the vulnerable.  ZDNet proposes Mac and iPhones are facing increased vulnerability because of their growing popularity.  McAfee includes cybercriminal activity targeted to Adobe Reader and Flash in its list of security threats.  For an overview of security threats, Network World has a review of many of the 2010 predictions from multiple sources.  Overall, social networking appears to be one of the most frequently mentioned security exposures for 2010.  But social networking isn’t necessarily a new threat as it was also listed as one of the top security exposures in 2008


From an insurance perspective, coverage for security exposures continues to be widely available and fairly diversified.  Third party security coverages are often available as either endorsements to and/or already built into base professional liability forms.  These popular coverage grants are available to a multitude of firms including media, tech, internet and miscellaneous service professionals.  Of course not all coverage grants are the same.  To compare, try The Betterley Report for Tech or Cyber (available for a fee).  You can download Euclid Managers coverage comparison checklists here.


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