Search Habits

You must have read by now that AOL released a section of its subscribers’ search log data to the public and got a lot of grief because of it— as the data can be used to identify the actual searcher. It is indeed a privacy issue. AOL has since pulled the data but, you know, nothing on the Internet really disappears. To gain insights into our own customer base, we checked the search log data for searches of “Euclid Managers.” Here’s a sampling of what AOL users who search for Euclid Managers also search for:

girls gone wild

adult entertainment

kim possible

kroger cat food

naked nature boys

white wolves

love calculator

simpson and family guy nude comics

young girls farting

home for sale

rascal flatts

carrie underwood

Apparently, in the early days of search engine use, people didn’t know what to search for. According to a Web 2.0 documentary recently hosted by Techcrunch, when folks were given the opportunity to search the web, they wouldn’t type anything into the search engine. They just couldn’t think of search topics. That’s definitely no longer an issue.