Scent Technology

PC World is reporting on some interesting new gadget patents including one for seeing 3D without the special eyewear as well as one for utilizing avatars as means for heckling a television or movie actor you don’t enjoy, complete with the virtual rotten tomatoes.  But it’s the patent for scent technology that caught our eye as we haven’t seen anything reminiscent of Smell-O-Vision for a while.  Is a scent used in movies or advertising considered a type of content?  Could be.  Will a professional liability policy cover it?  Possibly.  Check to see if scent is included in the definition of content or matter. If scent is not specifically mentioned in the definition then a definition that allows the content to be in any nature or form might be broad enough to encompass scent.  Or not. Good idea to get it clarified if the insured is utilizing scent technology.