New Virus Is Reminder of Security Issues

There’s a new virus infecting iPhones in Australia that replaces the phone owner’s own wallpaper choice with a pic of Rick Astley.  The photo features a message;  “ikee is never gonna give you up.”  Interestingly, the virus only affects an iPhone if it has had its built-in security system altered, which Apple disallows in its developer program licensing agreement.  The virus works by exploiting users who have not changed the phone’s default password.  While this virus appears more irritating (amusing?) than harmful, it is a reminder of the importance of quality passwords, or at least a reminder not to use the default one that comes with the phone or whatever software or system.  Further, for third party security insurance coverages, it’s a reminder that security threats can impact more than an office computer or network. So, looking for security coverage that contemplates mobile devices is prudent.  Sometimes, the failure to prevent introduction of malicious code or virus policy language will be limited to computer systems or networks and an expansion to include other media containing content is necessary.  For a refresher on additional security issues, read LJ’s lists of what to watch out for.