New Social Media Exposures

According to CNet, the Telegraph reports that Facebook is linked to a rise in Syphilis.  Apparently, a director of public health is asserting that a rise in the number of cases of the disease in the region correlates to an increased number of Facebook users in the same area. While we have seen social marketing, such as Twitter, described as cause of liability in the areas of defamation or perhaps trademark infringement, this level of exposure seems new.  


In addition, according to a survey by Retrevo, Facebook may also be playing a role in sex lives in terms of interrupting it.  Specifically, eleven percent of survey respondents under the age of 25 said they will interrupt the act to check in with Facebook.


So, Facebook can cause STDs and be romantically interruptive. What else does it do?  Search Engine Land studied popular search engine results/suggestions to find that Facebook is linked with divorce, jealousy and donations.  Of course, as Search Engine Land points out, this is just a review of what people are searching for and not an actual statistic for what Facebook causes.  A similar study of how search engines pair suggestions with Euclid Managers is incredibly dull.  But, on the positive side, no STDs are listed.