Malware Infections Are Substantial Security Exposure

Nearly half of the respondents to Computer Security Institute’s (CSI) 2010/2011 Computer Crime and Security Survey said they did not experience a security incident.  That’s good news.  What about the other half?  About 9 percent of the respondents did not know and about 40 percent did have a security incident.  When comparing these numbers against the CSI surveys for 2008 and 2007, there’s really not much change— maybe a 5 percent fluctuation.  But the type of security exposure has fluctuated over the years with malware infections, bots on networks and phishing where represented as sender all showing an increase in number of attacks in this most recent survey.  Overall, malware infections continue to rate as a high exposure.  For examples of the top malware of 2010, visit the TrendLabs Malware blog.  For info on the types of malware, see TechRepublic’s blog on The 10 faces of computer malware.