It’s Electric: DMCA Extends to Dance Moves

Bad news. Any video of your Euclid Managers underwriters doing the Electric Slide will probably not be appearing online any time soon. There may be a variety of reasons to keep the video hidden but, chiefly, those mad moves are copyrighted! And the copyright owner, Richard Silver, is filing complaints against YouTube and others for posting videos of dancers doing the Slide—poorly. Apparently the choreographer doesn’t want people learning or dancing his moves incorrectly. So, he is sending Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notices.

While choreography certainly is copyrightable, once again, the concept of fair use must be considered. Distinguishing between fair use and copyright infringement is not always a no-brainer. Which is yet another reason for website owners to procure online copyright infringement coverage in their insurance portfolio. Even if the website owner is in the right, there are those defense costs to consider. For more tales of copyrighted choreography, see Hey, That’s My Move!