IT Predictions

NetworkWorld reports on Gartner’s 10 key predictions for information technology. The IT predictions range from events developing in 2008 to events in 2012. From an insurance perspective, perhaps one of the most interesting predictions is that 50 percent of business travelers will no longer travel with their laptops. The prediction suggests that pocket devices designed for web-based applications could make traveling with a laptop no longer necessary for many. If true, it could impact security risk, as many a case of reported Identity Theft exposure is linked to a lost or stolen laptop. If employees no longer travel with their laptop hard drives loaded with the personal info of customers, then maybe that portion of the ID theft risk could be minimized. Of course accessing applications via the Internet could create more opportunities for information to mistakenly be left publicly accessible online as well as create more interesting opportunities for web hacks. Learn more about security exposures on our blog and for examples of web hacks, visit the Web Hacking Incidents Database.