Imprisonment Insurance: It’s Holistic

The recent conviction of Google execs over a video posted online makes us think there might be a gap in current insurance products that some enterprising insurers on the cutting edge could fill.

Here’s what happened to Google.  Three Google executives were convicted in Italy of criminal invasion of privacy in connection with a video clip posted on Google Video.  The clip reportedly showed students taunting a teenager who had autism.  Italian prosecutors said the clip remained accessible for two months, despite the fact some viewers had posted comments asking for it to be taken down.  They felt Google was criminally responsible for that.  Google argued that it had nothing to do with the posting and that it took the video down immediately after being notified and then cooperated with Italian authorities in their investigation of the incident.

So, why not offer imprisonment insurance?  If an insured is convicted based on a privacy allegation, the insurer could provide someone to serve any prison term on an insured’s behalf.  The coverage agreement could be rewritten to expand beyond “pay on behalf of” to “serve on behalf of.”  The insurance company would just need to hire someone willing to go to jail for the good of the insurer.  Any volunteers?