Identity Thieves Reel in the Big Fish

We’ve discussed phishing on this blog in the past, but a recent headline brings the concern back to mind. As expected, identity thieves continue to invent new ways to trick their victims. In this latest attack, phishing is elevated to “whaling” as attackers target executives at large companies. The current scam involves emails with a realistic looking U.S. federal court seal and a link to a subpoena.

As with many phishing type attacks, if looking, you can usually spot the fake. For example, in this scenario, the website link has a .com domain instead of .gov and, of course, subpoenas are usually delivered in person or by mail not via email. Still, if an unwitting recipient clicks on the link in the email to try to view the fake subpoena, a host of evils await him or her as clicking on the link leads to download of malicious software that allows the thief to gather personal information from the executive’s computer.

When evaluating insurance coverages for identity theft, or any security risk, take a close look as coverage language continues to vary. For a refresher on coverage considerations, read A Close Look at Identity Theft Coverage and Third Party Security Coverage: LJ’s Top 5 List of What to Watch Out For.