Flying Shrimp Ruled Not the Cause of Tragic Death

A New York jury has declined to blame a flying shrimp in a Japanese steakhouse for ultimately leading to the death of a 47-year-old man.

The man’s family claimed he hurt his neck trying to dodge the shrimp, playfully tossed by a chef, while with his family at the steakhouse. The family said he had corrective surgery, a post-operative complication ensued, and he died from a blood-borne infection. The defense said he suffered from fevers with an unknown cause which led to his death.

The jury took about two hours to reach a verdict after a 16-day trial.

While not opining on the cause of the man’s unfortunate death, compliments to the restaurant and its insurer for taking the case to trial. Insurance companies have earned a reputation of being unwilling to try cases.

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