Employee Devices Used at Work Create Security Exposure

In its article, How IT is failing to teach users about BYOD security threats and some solutions, CiteWorld reports on a survey of the mobile device habits of 400 workers in a variety of industries and jobs. Specifically, the survey analyzes the security on the employee device used for work.  Some survey results:

*Nearly half of those surveyed reported their company IT department had not discussed device security with them.

*Over half of those surveyed said their company did not have a formal security policy for devices or were unsure if there was a policy.

*About 75 percent reported their company did not have the ability to remotely wipe data from their device or they did not know whether or not the company could wipe their device.

The survey seems to suggest companies either do not have security policies for employees using their own devices for work or they are failing to communicate the security policy.  The survey did report that the majority of the respondents do use a smartphone for work,  with nearly half of those phones not being locked with a passcode.

How important is portable device security?  A look at the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Chronology of Data Breaches for portable devices shows 880 public breaches with over 170 million affected records from 2005 to 2012.  The Ponemon Institute’s 2011 Cost of Data Breach U.S. study reported 39 percent of organizations had a data breach due to a stolen device.  Read more about device security on our blog.