Damage Control a Top Priority for Information Security Professionals

CNET reports on a global survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan at the behest of the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 regarding information security. The survey included feedback from approximately 7,500 information security experts and, among its conclusions, reported that 75% of the respondents believe viruses and worms are a top security threat, followed by hackers and inside employees. Additionally, among the top priorities facing information security professionals are protecting a company’s reputation from damage, customer privacy concerns and identity theft. Further, the respondents communicating the most concern for security threats are in the financial sector, including banks and insurance companies.

Of note, the Identity Theft Resource Center reports in the 2008 ITRC Breach Report, as of 3/31/2008, that there were 167 reported breaches for this time period. Of these, approximately 25% were in the educational industry and nearly 14% were in the healthcare field. So, while the financial sector may be focused on security threats, the educational and healthcare industries shouldn’t be far behind. For more on security threats, check out the security section of our blog.