Copyright Infringement: Get ‘Em While They’re Young

This week’s issue of Forbes includes an article about the Entertainment Software Association’s development of a software game for kindergartners. The game is designed to teach the wee ones about copyright infringement. According to Forbes, this educational effort is the brainchild of the entertainment industry which seeks to thwart illegal downloading.

Earlier this year, the National Journal Tech Daily Dose reported that college students don’t understand copyright law. The story cited a study by American University’s Center for Social Media which indicated that the college students surveyed expressed fear and confusion regarding copyright infringement.

So, while a college student may not be able to identify a copyright infringement, a 5-year-old just might. If you want to test your own knowledge, visit for a sample worksheet. For more news and sample claims regarding copyright infringement, just use our advanced search feature and plug in “copyright infringement.”