A New Twist on Phishing

We previously described how a phishing scam works and offered you a quiz. Even if you faired well on the quiz, you may need to brush up on your phishing detection skills. One of the latest incidents of the con, as described on Techdirt.com, wasn’t orchestrated on a website but via VoIP technology. Apparently, victims were sent an email giving them contact information to call a bank representative. But when the number in the email was dialed, it didn’t actually contact the bank, instead callers reached a fraudulent automated phone system. And of course callers were asked by the automated phone system to reveal confidential information such as PIN numbers.

Reports suggest it’s too soon to determine if phishing via VoIP technology will become popular. Even if it does, identity theft and security breach protections are available to protect companies against the damages stemming from these types of scams. For a review of available E&O coverages, read A Close Look at Identity Theft Coverages.